Stay in one place - your cycling home base

When staying at Cycle d'Oc guesthouse, you have the opportunity to do home-based rides and return to "base camp" after every cycle outing. This means you can explore the beautiful, varied landscapes of the region without the hassle of having to pack, transfer and unpack your luggage every day.

The joys of cycling in Occitanie

There is something to appeal to all levels of road cyclists

This area offers a variety of perfect road-cycling options. You will have a wide choice of beautiful, safe roads, so you can ride a different route every day – or even repeat one of your favourites!

What makes this region ideal for a unique cycling experience?

It's all about having a good knowledge of the local area
  • The quiet almost traffic-free, well-maintained road network
  • The "secret" back roads
  • The lesser-known mountain passes
  • The great climbs of the Tour de France
  • The pleasant South of France climate
  • The unique plants and landscapes of the plains and Black Mountains
  • The delicious local food of the region
  • The friendly and relaxed Occitanie people
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Finding your way around the local area

I will be available to show you the "lay of the land" and accompany you on your first two rides. After that you can take off on your own, equipped with detailed maps of my recommended routes.

Get all the local inside info.

I will advise you on the best places to stop to fill up your water bottles, as well as the best restaurants, bakeries and cafés to take a pit stop and replenish your energy reserves – in true South-of-France style!

Discover things to do in Occitanie

Your guide and host

Gillian has taken the the time to get to know the area.

I have a thorough knowledge of all the safest and prettiest cycling routes in this region. This is my training and racing ground and I would love to share it with you! I have useful information and suggestions which I can give you so as to bring your French cycling adventure to life.

My cycling experience around the world

I have been cycling for pleasure and racing competitively for many years and am proud to have represented South Africa in the UCI Amateur Road World Champs in Perth, Australia in 2016, where I came sixth in my age category. This year in August 2017, France hosted the event for the first time and it was held in this region, in the historical town of Albi. I raced and successfully qualified, in May,to compete in the event again this year. At the finals there were almost double the number of competitors compared to the previous year and the event was extremely well organised. I had a stunning ride and a great day and came 9th in my category which I was very pleased with, given the amount of new competition I was up against this year. Next year the event is to be held in Varese, Italy and I hope to be able to compete again there.

Your bike, other kit and gadgets

You are welcome to bring your own bike for your Cycle d’Oc experience; otherwise I can arrange bike hire for you. There is an efficient local bike hire business, Mellow Vélos, located in the nearby village of Paraza. They have a wide selection of good-quality bikes; road, hybrids, touring and even electric bikes.

Mellow Vélo Bike Hire Website.

Tools, tubes and repairs

I have a collection of tools at the guesthouse for simple repairs but any bigger problems can be dealt with at Mellow Vélos Bike Hire. They provide helmets, different types of pedals and simple tool kits with the hire bikes but you can bring your own helmet, saddle, cleated pedals and cycling shoes if you wish. It is also best to bring your own spare tubes and puncture repair kits but I always have spares just in case.

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