Winter cycling in Occitanie South of France 2017

My first group of Canadian cyclists welcomed to Cycle d’Oc guesthouse
November 12, 2017
Riding through the Winter rain along the Gorges of the Cesse and the Brian 11/12/17
December 11, 2017

So …….it is now officially Winter in the Occitanie and wow it is chilly! However the days are generally sunny and dry and the Winter blue skies are cloudless most of the time, which makes riding very pleasant as long as you are dressed  warmly. It really is the rainy days and wet muddy roads that get cyclists down and not wanting to go out but luckily we don’t have many days like that here! Days are short now and our club rides leaving at 8.30 in the morning , are a lesson in self-discipline! During these Winter months there are Point Café rides organised every Sunday by the Committee of CycloTourism here in the Occitanie region. Each week it is the responsibility of a different cycling club to host a coffee and snack pitstop in their village for cyclists from other cycling clubs to stop at and enjoy during their Sunday ride.

My club ready for a Sunday Point Café ride

The village of Bize on the river Cesse on a cold Winter’s day in December

ancient windmill at Paulignan